About the project

The Open Embassy is a unique attempt at combining the world of diplomacy and traditional embassy practice with event-based cultural and artistic exchange between Swiss and Danish groups of interest. 

Design in Residence

Design in Residence is an ambitious project: We researched Swiss designers and manufacturers, sorted furniture and furnishing objects and determined a meaningful selection. The selected designers range from young to established and are based in the German, French and Italian-speaking part as well as in in the Grisons. Contemporary products stand next to historic objects, many of which wrote design history and made Switzerland famous as a Design nation abroad. Design in Residence is curated by Alfredo Häberli, an internationally known designer based in Zurich. Häberli is working for many of the leading companies of the international design industry such as Vitra, George Jensen or Kvadrat. His work and designs have been shown in numerous exhibitions throughout Europe and he has received many awards for his work.

Architecture in Residence

We invite Swiss and Danish schools of architecture and design, craftspeople, industrial partners and other stakeholders to exchange knowledge and ideas, and to design and implement constructions in the gardens of the Embassy of Switzerland north of Copenhagen. By articulating qualities of the landscape, the constructions will support the embassy’s diplomatic endeavours in forthcoming cultural and business functions. Further to annual workshops in the embassy garden, the programme will host a number of open talks and debates. The combination of these activities aim to strengthen relationships between the two countries’ rich architectural traditions. Craft and technology is seen in relation to particular contexts, and it is our wish to explore and expose these particularities through collaborative efforts. The AiR programme is curated by Heidi Kajita and Peter Wedell-Wedellsborg. Heidi Kajita is the co-founder of Bureaus, a platform for spatial research, design and strategies and received her Ph.D in architecture in 2016 from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Architecture. Peter Wedell-Wedellsborg is the founder of REFORM, an architectural practice that focuses on craft, culture and building. Peter has realised several building projects, won architectural competitions and worked with sustainable development projects.
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The Events

The pavilion of the Embassy serves as a platform for cultural and economic events which are connected with partner institutions in Copenhagen. The interior design of the pavilion can be rearranged at will, which allows holding lectures, as well as talks, film screenings or exhibitions in the same room. The aim is to present Swiss-Danish projects based on collaborative efforts.

The Interior Design

We have furnished the five representative rooms of the Embassy with carefully selected Swiss Design works. Our intent was to give each of these rooms an individual atmosphere and furnish it depending on the room’s function. The annex will have a special role in the project as a venue for cultural and economic events.

The Residence

Richelieus Allé 14 in Hellerup: some call it the most beautiful property at the Oresund between Copenhagen and the Louisiana Museum in Humlebaek.

Built in 1906 by the award-wining architect Christen Gotfred Tvede (1863-1947) it stands today still well conserved in its singular beauty in a breathtaking park-like environment.

The Pavilion 

Recently a glass Pavilion has been added by another price winning architect, Roland Meier, a Swiss-born architect practicing in Copenhagen. His annex to the traditional summer house creates a productive disruption and though headed by a solid concrete structure, the building seems to float graciously.